SCM at Xylexpo 2018: great success for the new IoT system for Industry 4.0

The Group also won three awards at the XIA - Xylexpo Innovation Awards

SCM at Xylexpo 2018: great success for the new IoT system for Industry 4.0

SCM, a leading group in Italy and Europe for its wide international range of woodworking technologies and its ability to innovate and teach, has celebrated a more than positive Xylexpo edition.
The stand of SCM with its more than 3,000 square meters, multimedia and of great impact, has been confirmed among the most visited by international professionals, experts and journalists of the sector and among the main centres of attraction of the event that took place at the Fiera di Milano Rho from 8 to 12 May. Orders, negotiations and contacts increased sharply around 500 customers, half Italian and half foreign, with a majority of Russians and French, for an expected turnover of at least 30 million euros.


Cutting-edge technological solutions

The focal point of the SCM stand is agile, integrated technological solutions, easy to manage and control, able to adapt to even unpredictable changes in the final demand. This is the scenario in which the digital solutions platform Maestro Digital System and, in particular, the innovative IoT solution from SCM Maestro connect. This solution, in response to the needs of Industry 4.0, exploits the potential of the concept of "Internet of Things" to create a system for collecting and analysing data coming from SCM machines able to monitor and optimize production processes more and more, offering on the one hand the full control of production performance by the customer and on the other a series of micro-services such as a timely and intelligent maintenance and an optimized management of spare parts. Visitors to Xylexpo were also able to discover the potential of the new IoT equippable work centres, such as accord 42 fx, which attracted great interest from door and window manufacturers, and morbidelli m220, an exclusive work centre for drilling and milling furniture panels.


Innovation rewarded

As part of Xylexpo 2018, SCM received three innovation awards, three XIA - Xylexpo Innovation Awards 2018; the important acknowledgment went to three very different technologies, demonstrating how SCM is a point of reference for the whole sector, from carpentry to big industry.
In the "Tools" category, the combined ender-rounder combination of the minimax me 35 was first classified, appreciated for its ability to "unify the end-to-end and rounding functions, performed with a single tool, allowing the development of machines with limited overall dimensions", as it is stated in the jury's motivations. A technology that makes this beading machine a unique machine for artisan carpentry.
For the "Finishing" section, the SCM scissor operator group has been awarded for unique three-dimensional effects on panels.
Maestro Smartech's third award-winning technology, among the most innovative solutions of the "Maestro Digital Systems" platform, for its ability to offer "assistance via remote connection and direct interaction between the end user and expert technicians residing at headquarters, also through smart glasses".
"We are very satisfied with this 26th edition of Xylexpo: it was an opportunity for us to once again affirm our position as global leader and, at the same time, to enhance our strong partnership with Italy and Europe", commented Luigi De Vito, SCM Division Director. "With the three awards of the XIA - Xylexpo Innovation Awards we have shown how our manufacturing technology is not only a recognized excellence in the world, but also the main point of reference in terms of innovation in the entire wood supply chain. We are sure that the contacts gathered at the fair will give a further boost to our market, which continues to record double-digit growth even in the first few months of 2018".


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