Arena select and Arena pure of Kesseböhmer for the interior furniture kitchen

Functionality meets design

Arena select and Arena pure of Kesseböhmer for the interior furniture kitchen

"Arena select" and "Arena pure" are two new shelves that Kesseböhmer has introduced to Interzum 2017 to offer more possibilities to prepare the interior furniture kitchen in a custom  manner to the sector of the producers of kitchens.
Innovative synthesis of wood and metal, the new shelves "Arena select" are aimed to the series "Tandem", "Tandem solo" and to the whole family "Convoy." The idea is very simple: a basic shelf that works as support, it has a low edge that, of your choice, can be shiny chromed or painted in dust anthracite. Thanks to the technology of production Arena, the fund in wood in the anthracite  tonality, currently fashion, it is perfectly glued to the metallic rail and it forms the base on which a frame of thick wood inserts him. With the possibility to choose among the colors natural oak or black ash, the line "Arena select" is perfectly inserted in the assortment of materials and colors of the series of interior accessories for furniture of kitchen "FineLine (MosaiQ)" of home Holzwerk
Rockenhausen and they can be completed in any moment with different inserts, boxes and divisors of this modular system.
Also the new shelf "Arena pure" is proposed in the actual combination wood and metal. The compact and essential form is perfectly combined to the architecture of the modern and linear kitchens by the minimalist design.
In the new shelf "Arena pure" is employed the technology of production "Arena" of Kesseböhmer thanks to which increases the payloud, arriving so to 18 kg for shelf. The linear frame, high 55 mm and only accented with a hold groove on the whole perimeter, it is available on all the surfaces Kesseböhmer.
The shelf "Arena pure" is combined equally to the extractable element for column "Dispensa" and also to the basic piece of furniture "Dispensa junior III."
In the same design Kesseböhmer also offers a version both for the angular extractable element "LeMans" that for the columns "Tandem" and "Tandem solo." With this innovation Kesseböhmer and directed to the design, it is therefore possible to prepare the interior spaces of the furniture of the whole kitchen in functional and aesthetically pleasant way.



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