FederlegnoArredo and Federmobili: appeal to the government to open furniture shops in the red zone

Large spaces and visits by appointment guarantee total safety and compliance with anti-Covid regulations

The Pianca & Partners furnishing shop in Milan

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In a joint note, FederlegnoArredo chairman Claudio Feltrin and Federmobili chairman Mauro Mamoli appealed to the government to allow furniture shops to remain open in the red zone, at least in the form of access by appointment, guaranteeing total security and compliance with anti-Covid standards.
In the note, the two presidents pointed out an unjustified disparity in the treatment of furniture retail businesses compared to other sales activities with very similar characteristics, starting with large sizes, such as car dealers.


The wood-furnishing sector and renewed interest in the home

Thanks to the renewed interest in the home and important measures such as the Furniture Bonus, the wood-furnishing sector has so far managed to contain the losses caused by the pandemic and this is why the chairmen of FederlegnoArredo and Federmobili are aiming to keep this trend going.
 "Never before has the home been the centre of everyone's life," they said. Allowing the layout of spaces to be revised, integrating or modifying the furnishings of homes to meet, first and foremost, the needs of distance learning and agile working, as well as other needs, we believe is a way not only to do good for our businesses and not burden the state's accounts, but above all to meet the needs of citizens".


An interpellation on the subject has been tabled

Mr Lupi presented an interpellation on the unjustified closure of furniture shops in the red zones, which was favourably received by the undersecretary for Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, who declared himself ready to commit himself personally so that a remedy could be found to a choice without reasonable grounds.
We hope," concluded Feltrin and Mamoli, "that the government will take up our appeal, in the conviction that allowing us to continue working, in total safety, is good for the productive fabric of the country, for families and also for the coffers of the state.


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