Elica among the top 5 companies in Italy for the high level of assistance offered to customers

The important award was certified by the German Institute for Quality and Finance

Bloom cooker hood by Elica

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Elica, a world leader in the production of extractor hoods and hobs, has been named one of the top 5 companies in Italy for the high level of customer service offered. This important recognition was awarded by the German Institute for Quality and Finance, which every year conducts the most extensive survey on the quality of service offered by companies in Italy to end customers, and which included Elica in the ranking of the top 5 companies for customer service in the cooker hoods and hobs sector.
The survey, developed in synergy with Frankfurt's Goethe University, assesses, through a careful system of analysis with predefined quality criteria, only the opinion of customers on the service received.  For the seventh edition of the survey, 232,000 opinions were collected from 152 sectors of the economy. Analysis of the data shows that companies in the household appliances sector, including cooker hoods and hobs, must offer their customers high-quality service if they are to be successful.


The importance of service

To build customer loyalty, it is necessary to go beyond product quality and offer fast and reliable technical support. The relationship with the customer and above all the after-sales services offered are, today more than ever, fundamental and differentiating elements for companies.
This is what Marco Trullo, Head of Consumer Service at Elica, says, adding: "For this reason, a few years ago we began a profound transformation of the service area, implementing growth and potential, restructuring the service networks and beginning to support customers directly, adapting to different and renewed needs. Since January 2020, we have been managing a direct service network in Italy with 180 partners, which is giving us excellent results.
The constant focus on service to consumers was even more important last year, during the health emergency, and although it was put to the test, it was able to respond effectively to the various needs.


Working alongside customers to simplify their daily lives

Elica's objective for the near future is to stand by its customers and simplify their daily lives.  In an increasingly connected world, the company wanted to strengthen a new service model where customers can contact the company from any device and interactive communication channel. This is certainly an important project, which will also involve the international offices, strongly desired by the company; the positive opinion of those who choose Elica is not only linked to the quality of the products, but also to the added value offered with services that support customers.


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