DPG of LINAK: a new way to enliven the sit-stand desks

To use at best the adjustable height surfaces

DPG of LINAK: a new way to enliven the  sit-stand desks

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We all are aware that during a working day he spends the greatest part of the time sat and too much little moves us. Linak has set the solution that allows the consumers to use better and with great frequency sit-stand desks. At the last edition of Interzum LINAK introduced in fact 4 innovative panels under level for the  sit-stand desks in order to use at  best the height adjustable surfaces, alternating the sitting posture to the standing one.
The series of panels DPG is available in four versions that range from the commands for the simple ascending and descending to the most advanced versions. They offer a practical and intuitive use and to enliven the desk is enough to tilt the panel in the desired direction.
Through a LED light or through notifications in a specific app, they have been integrated  the custom memos to remember to the consumers to stand up in operation of the objectives that they want to reach in terms of improvement of the posture.
The series is digital thanks to the integrated technology Bluetooth is available an application that allows to be connected to the desk: the app Desk Control. Desk Control holds trace of the use of the desk and contributes to reach the daily objectives sending notifications on the device of every consumer. Desk Control develops in fact the role of "personal trainer", stimulating to modify the sedentary style of life through of the custom memos and to adopt a healthier and dynamic style of life during the working day. The application is free and available for the 4 operational systems most common: iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.


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