Revego pocket systems from Blum: the solution for flexible use of space

Extensive customization options, high motion comfort and simple design and assembly

Revego pocket system from Blum

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In increasingly cramped homes, space utilization is becoming essential, and not everyone likes to leave their kitchen work area, home office or utility room visible. Revego pocket systems are the solution proposed by Blum to conceal kitchen units or entire living spaces, making the living environment more pleasant.


The solution for multifunctional space utilization

Revego pocket systems are the solution for multifunctional use of space: when closed, the full-opening doors conceal furniture, including pockets. Blum's system movement comfort remains unchanged: thanks to Tip-on motion technology, the doors open with a light touch and slide completely into the pocket. This makes the kitchen work area, home office or utility room easily accessible. To close, all it takes is a quick press on the door, which is pulled out of the pocket, and you can return to elegantly concealing the entire area with another simple touch.


Simple production and assembly

The furniture solution is well designed with fixed pocket widths and can also be designed with standard cabinet bodies and easily machined: the Revego uno single door with 100 mm and the Revego duo double door with 150 mm wide pockets. In terms of configuration, the solution offers the necessary room for manoeuvre: single doors can be 450 to 900 mm wide and double doors 450 to 750 mm wide, as well as 1800 to 2500 mm high. In addition, opening and closing with and without a handle allows for numerous individual options.
Pocket systems have another interesting advantage: they can be produced by the manufacturer and delivered pre-assembled to the installation site. Final assembly on site is also very simple: Simply install, align and secure the pockets, install the doors and rails and simply adjust.



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