Aesthetics, functionality and ease of assembly

Aesthetics, functionality and ease of assembly

Aesthetics, functionality and ease of assembly

Aesthetics, functionality and ease of mounting

The new family of FREElift lifters

Flexible use, easy installation, high versatility: not only in kitchens but also in bathrooms, in offices or in living rooms. The FREElift family opens up new planning options. The new FREElift family of lifters meets the very high aesthetic and functional needs required today to wall furniture.
The FREElift family is much more than just a new generation of lifters. In effect, with only four versions: FREEflap, FREEfold, FREEslide and FREEswing, it is able to cover almost all current applications in front panels. The slim, low profile mechanisms raise even the the heaviest front panels in an even and reliable way. The Multi Positions Stopp (MPS) keeps the front panel in the desired position, ensuring maximum comfort of use.
The eTouch system by Kesseböhmer increases the comfort of all FREElift wall pieces of furniture further. If you choose this option, just a light finger pressure is enough to automatically open and close the doors. Thanks to piezotechnology, the sensor detects even the smallest touches on the front panel. The transmission to the device for opening and closing is activated by the sensor with a radio pulse.
Furthermore, the FREElift family shows its qualities in production and mounting. The great flexibility regarding the height, thickness and weight of the front panels minimizes the logistical effort of the installer.
Positioning tabs, in combination with premounted Euro screws, ensure exact positioning, secure fixing and quick mounting to the body, too. The mounting of the front panel takes place very fastly through the ClickFixx connection. The adjustment is fast and in real time. Lifting force is set directly on the fitting. The front alignment is adjusted on the front connector – in FREEfold also on the central hinge.


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