Inside and E-Lumina of Eubiq Europe

The innovation at the service of the furnishing market

Inside and E-Lumina of Eubiq Europe

The innovation at the service of the furnishing market

Eubiq Europe is the only European producer licensee of the brevet GSS System, the heart of the Eubiq system, the electrified system the most flexible in the world. Eubiq is the only innovative system that allows the use and the handheld management of the electric tide: flexible where it counts, practical when it counts and activated with a simple rotation. On the occasion of  Sicam, Eubiq Europe has launched "Inside", one of the top products of the range Living.
Designed to be integrated in the surfaces in glass, wood, marble and polyolefin, Inside is the minimal electrified profile that will affect tendencies of the furnishing market with the accent on all the characteristics of beauty and quality of the Italian product. The installation of the Power Track inside walls of glass, marble and especially wood, it  leaves only 25mm of element visible, electrifying so a furnishing complement in minimal way, but refined. The Inside integration happens directly builted-in and thanks to its simple forms, it adapts very well to any furnishing complement in wood, from shelves to tables, to  desks, up to the fixed or mobile walls, resulting a modern and design solution for all interior’s planners.
Another novelty introduced by Eubiq Europe at Sicam concerns lighting. From the collaboration with Eubiq Singapore in fact it is born "And-Lumina", available in black and titanium versions. Its forms entirely trace those of some adapters Premium of the range Eubiq. In fact a simple rotation activates a light white led of intensity 750 Im, ideal to illuminate angles and corners of kitchens, bedrooms and furniture of bathroom.


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