Eubiq track profiles: an innovative system easy and safe

A system that makes obsolete the fixed sockets

Eubiq track profiles: an innovative system easy and safe

Eubiq is the first range of aluminium profiles for the electrification of walls, furniture and furnishing for civil and industrial use. It is an innovative system that enables portable management of electric current: just insert the adapter into the electrified profile, turn it clockwise and the outlet point will be active.  Thanks to the innovative GSS System ™, Eubik solves all problems concerning the traditional electric system: with this system fixed and uncomfortable power outlet are outdated.  Eubiq track profiles blend seamlessly in every home, they can be placed everywhere without needing to masonry and they can be configured with many types of multimedia connectors.

The GSS System ™

The innovative GSS System ™ of Eubiq allows to remove, replace and add at will the power adapters easily and safely by feeding them with a simple twist. With the modular system you can add accessories such as provision for network cables, USB connectors and many other types of multimedia connectors. The aesthetically clean shapes allow it to adapt to any type of environment: homes, offices, shops, but also in gyms, hotels, training centers, showrooms. The electrified Eubiq profile carries up to 7 kW, about twice the average power in homes and it is extremely practical for both the final user and the installer who can place it inside the furniture.
Eubiq Europe products are certified and safe and, thanks to the different types of profiles, they can be integrated in any material and in any piece of furniture like tables, Office furniture, kitchen. 
An example is well represented by Info Table, a table with a particular design, planned and designed by the architect Edoardo Carlino to Think Future. Info Table is an ergonomic conference table whose base is made of Adamantx, a composite material obtained by processing coated foam with special resins. A RGB LED Strip highlights the table glass creating a suffused atmosphere, with a succession of different colors, each stage of a meeting.
The electrified profile Eubik, at the center of Info Table is equipped with devices for power cords, USB and many other types of multimedia connectors. Eubiq system allows to remove, replace and add adapters across the power track safely.  Info Table won the Golden ' Design Award 2016 in the category Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design.


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