The hinge Clip Top Blumotion Onyx Black by Blum

New options for differentiation with the dark furniture

The hinge Clip Top Blumotion Onyx Black by Blum

Blum, Austrian fittings manufacturer, hinges enriches its program with a new darke color variation, that fit in harmoniously with the dark interior of a cabinet.  With the shade Onyx Black, Blum is creating an additional option for differentiation.
Dark hinges fit in seamlessly with the interior of a furniture piece and present an elegant solution that is increasingly in demand with providers of premium furniture. The dark shade Onyx Black, where all visible parts are a dark colour. In addition to creating new options for differentiation, the new, darker shade also ensures complete colour consistency for fronts, cabinets and fittings.
All standard types of hinges, such as Clip top Blumotion in the 110° version or unsprung hinges for the mechanical opening support system Tip-On, as well as hinges for blind corner applications or with different offsets for overlay, centre and inset applications will be available with a dark finish. The tried-and-tested hinge type Clip top and the appropriate mounting plates complete the Blum hinge programme in this new, dark shade.


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