System Holz furniture hinges: quality and reliability

A wide range of hinges for home and office

System Holz furniture hinges: quality and reliability

The importance of the hinges and the opening / closing mechanisms for the usability of the furniture is evident, just look around to see how these, together with the sliding systems, play a fundamental role not only for the container furniture but also for the folding tops, the folding tables, the drawers. There are many fields of application and for this reason the variety and types of accessories, guides, rails and hinges that the companies in the sector offer are practically unlimited.
Gruppo Pozzi, founded in the 60s and consisting of three units, Pozzi Ferramenta, System Holz and Oxidal System, boasts a truly complete offer to meet the most specific requests. Among these companies, System Holz specializes in the production of furniture hinges, suitable for all types of furniture and able to meet the needs of customers and respond in a precise and timely manner to the most diverse applications. In the last years System Holz has then expanded its offer by joining the production of furniture hinges other product lines such as profiles for doors for the furniture industry, sliding systems, with synchronized opening mechanisms and aluminium doors, creating products and solutions completely innovative.


A wide range of System Holz furniture hinges

The rich range of System Holz furniture hinges is characterized by ease of use, reliability and quality. We find a series of furniture hinges with a 26mm diameter cage, available for both wooden and glass doors, which require traditional screw fixing.
In addition to traditional hinges with a 35mm diameter cage, System Holz offers the 500 series: it is a series of hinges with a 40mm diameter cage suitable for thick doors with a 92° opening. The slide-on and clip fixing allows an extremely simple assembly and a high comfort of hinge adjustment.
As for the glass doors, increasingly used by furniture and kitchen manufacturers, the company solves every constructive problem by offering a series of hinges for small glass doors that can be used without drilling glass. There are also numerous proposals for office furniture: among these, for example the 200 series, a hinge with a 35-diameter cage, clip fastening and three-dimensional adjustment, suitable for both wooden and glass doors and applicable on both single and double doors. The opening is able to range from 180° to 270°, with a minimum encumbrance of the hinge inside the cabinet, thus leaving maximum space for its containment functions.
All System Holz products are made using the most advanced technologies to optimize production processes, guarantee high quality, reduce costs and offer customers the best quality / price ratio.



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