Link Hardware Livenza

A mechanism functional and easy to assemble

Link Hardware Livenza

A mechanism functional and easy to assembleHardware Livenza with its wide range of hardware products and accessories for the furniture industry able to fully meet the different needs of customers. Innovative technical solutions with a high degree of functionality and attention to design make the product Hardware Livenza easily recognizable. Link the new mechanism for the opening of the flap doors devised by Hardware Livenza to meet the needs of functionality and design. Small and appealing aesthetics, Link also easy to assemble. Is fixed in fact of two holes by means of a single screw. The rapidity in the assembly because you also have the support and mechanism are applied separately. The cable is easily hooked to the support door with a bayonet system. Links with the opening and closing of the doors fluid: it comes with System Soft-closing Soft opening. Link available in different strengths, but only one version can be used interchangeably because both the left and right in the accident. The patented model.


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