Hettich Group: Positive results in 2020 with turnover of EUR 1.1 billion

The international commitment of the Hettich team successfully coped with a difficult year marked by the pandemic.

Sascha Groß and Jana Schönfeld, Managing Directors of Hettich Holding

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The Hettich Group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of furniture fittings, successfully closed 2020, a difficult year marked by the pandemic and global economic uncertainties. It achieved a turnover of EUR 1.1 billion, which was close to the figure recorded for 2019, while its export share reached 70%. The figures were also influenced by the rapid recovery of the Chinese economy from the pandemic.
Sascha Groß, managing director of Hettich Holding, explained how, despite shortened working hours, lockdowns in many countries and delayed effects in supply chains, the company always guaranteed its customers the delivery service they were used to. "The enormous commitment of the Hettich team internationally," added Jana Schönfeld, member of the Executive Board of Hettich Holding, "has enabled us to successfully counteract the uncertain business climate, an achievement that makes us all proud and for which we can only be grateful.


The increasingly important role of the home and home office

The new trends that emerged especially in the second half of 2020, relating to stylish living, the focus on the home office, the rediscovery of the kitchen and the general mixing of home and work spaces, ensured that Hettich recovered strongly in the second half of the year. The changes brought about by the Covid emergency have accelerated the implementation of international megatrends: Urbanisation, with the need to organise confined spaces, Personalisation and the important "New Work" theme of the home office. These trends, which are now part of today's living and working scenarios, are set to become ever more relevant, requiring the reinvention and complete redefinition of the function of interior spaces and furnishings. Hettich designs respond to these new requirements and also offer unconventional solutions.


Investments for the future

In 2020, the Hettich Group invested EUR 72 million globally in new products, capacity expansion and infrastructure enhancement. One example of this is the expansion of production areas in Germany, the Czech Republic and China.


Rewarding the commitment of the Hettich team

Today, more than 6,600 people work for Hettich worldwide, over 3,500 in Germany alone. At the end of 2020, every Hettich colleague received an award in appreciation and recognition of their enormous efforts during a difficult year.
All hygiene and spacing regulations were adhered to and office work was done as agile as possible, up to 40 per cent during the first lockdown and up to 60 per cent today. Contacts with customers have also been almost entirely digital.


Sustainable economy

Combining economic growth with ecological and social responsibility is the long-term goal of the Hettich family business' strategy. For the Hettich Group, sustainability not only means environmental management but also investing in safe, environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies and processes in production, logistics and infrastructure. Designing sustainable product solutions with stringent requirements in terms of quality and safety, environmental compatibility and energy efficiency also contributes to environmental protection. These and other topics are being addressed at the HettichXperiencedays, Hettich's hybrid event, which was launched in March and will continue online and offline around the world for several weeks. To access the full range of HettichXperiencedays, you must register as a trade visitor on the web portal xdays.hettich.com.


Pictured: Sascha Groß, Managing Director of Hettich Holding and Jana Schönfeld, Managing Director of Hettich Holding.

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