Effegibrevetti: new products under the banner of technology, design and simplicity

The Simply shelf support, the new Shadow Line and Sinergy Lab finishes, a programme of display panels

Simply shelf support of Effegibrevetti

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After the events of 2020 that have changed our lives and redesigned the way we interact and work, companies look to 2021 as an important year for the furniture and furnishings sector, which is already showing signs of recovery. Many companies in the furniture components and hardware sector are working on new projects and new products and aim to be proactive by offering innovative suggestions to architects and designers.
Effegibrevetti, a company specialising in the design, engineering and production of opening and fixing systems for the furniture industry, presents some interesting new products that will soon be available on the market, focusing on a very topical theme: Simplicity.


The new Simply shelf support

Simply is the name of the new shelf support designed, manufactured and patented by Effegibrevetti, which contains all the essential characteristics required by the market: high technical performance, safety, ease of assembly and use and "invisibility". Simply is in fact the perfect solution for those who need faster assembly, ease of use and savings in packaging and consequently also in logistics.
Simply offers the possibility of assembling the shelf inside the cabinet with a simple gesture, guaranteeing the invisibility of the product and above all its tightness even if it is subject to heavy stress and impact. Unique of its kind, the Simply shelf support by Effegibrevetti is now one of the best solutions for the furniture industry and for furnishing accessories.


The program of new finishings "Shadow Line". 

To meet the needs of its customers Effegibrevetti enriches the colour range of its products with new shades that perfectly complete the range of finishes proposed by the company.
Effegibrevetti's attention is focused on the "Shadow Line" range of finishes that wants to underline the elegance of the dark lines generated by new finishes and new products, able to enhance and enhance the design thanks to unique and unmistakable details typical of Made in Italy by Effegibrevetti.


Sinergy Lab, customer-friendly display screens

The company has also designed an extremely versatile and flexible programme to enhance and increase the visibility of the Effegibrevetti Brand and its products: Sinergy Lab. Dedicated to all its customers, the Sinergy Lab programme includes a series of display screens completely tailored to the customer's needs in terms of space and products: it is designed, built and set up by the Effegibrevetti team of experts who, based on the customer's needs, will guarantee a unique proposal. Synergy Lab by Effegibrevetti is the perfect solution to build an effective collaboration and obtain the best results immediately.

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