Two new drawers by Formenti e Giovenzana

Integrated solutions to meet every need

Two new drawers by Formenti e Giovenzana

Integrated solutions to meet every need

The Formenti e Giovenzana company reconfirms its constantly growth in size and potential and offers new furniture solutions.
The Unibox drawer and the Ten drawer express in the best way the quality of its proposals: applications and integrated solutions that meet customer requirements in the technical/functional, image/design and quality/price ratio fields.
Uniset is the classic low-cost single-wall drawer system by FGV. This basic and simple product evolves now in the Unibox double-wall drawer system. Unibox is an innovative practical and versatile double-wall drawer designed by FGV to provide a democratic double-wall solution of drawers in 5 depths and H85 standard height. It is equipped with the SlowMotion Zeta ANYWAY integrated damper and is available in a full range of depths from 350 to 550 mm. It is perfectly compatible with the system of holes for Uniset drawer.
For the management of the space in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in any other room in the house, FGV presents the TEN drawer, one of the flagship products of the offer. The range is unparalleled in the market with features and advantages of strong appeal for the furniture industry and for hardware distributors around the world. The catalogue has been enriched with a new rack for wide bases, specially designed to ensure stability and smoothness.
On the occasion of Sicam, Formenti e Giovenzana also announced the achievement of a new milestone: FGV Packaging, a structure that can provide and package fittings on specific demands and needs of customers. A new step towards more ambitious results.


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