Ten2 drawer system by FGV: refined design and state-of-the-art technology

Easy opening and closing of the drawer thanks to the cushioned OneTouch+SlowMotion system

Ten2 drawer system by Fgv

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The drawers are an essential element for the management of the space inside the furniture, especially in the kitchen.  Fgv, a leading company in Italy in the production of accessories and components for furniture, offers a complete range of drawer systems able to meet different needs; among these stands out the new Ten2 drawer system.


Ten2 drawer system: elegant and extra slim design

The Ten2 drawer system is characterised by its elegant design and extremely slim shape. Two different heights make it possible to create drawer and high drawer solutions to optimise storage space even without railings. Ten2 is available in a complete range of colours: from standard white and grey to the innovative Storm Grey and Coffee Black to give a modern look to drawers that perfectly match the wood finishes and current design trends. Its high aesthetic features make it a system for high-end drawers.


Ten2: cutting-edge technology

The Ten2 drawer system is not only design, but also state-of-the-art technology. Further improvements have been made to the Ten drawer slides, which have already been tried and tested for a long time, ensuring better performance and a highly stable sliding movement. The full-extension runner system has a load capacity of 45 kg over the entire range, and is equipped with a Dual-Synchro stabilizer with a silent and perfect effect. The ease of opening and closing a drawer with a single, simple pressure on the front is guaranteed by the new OneTouch+SlowMotion cushioned closing and opening system.


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