FREELIFT of Kessebhmer

Aesthetics, functionality and comfort Operating conditions

FREELIFT of Kessebhmer

Aesthetics, functionality and comfort Operating conditionsWith FREELIFT Kessebhmer presents a new generation of folding doors in terms of aesthetics, functionality and technology that meet the needs of the most high. They belong to the family FREELIFT five new seals from the identical design can cover every need and every situation Applications The design: the cranks for folding doors FREEflap strong and FREEflap mini, cranksets for FREEfold folding doors, the door seals for parallel and FREEslide seals for doors swinging FREEswing. The characteristic of all five of the folding doors opening and closing movement of absolutely perfect, uniform and easy to drive. Plays a decisive role here especially the precise adjustment of the force. Lammortizzazione on two sides developed by Kessebhmer guarantees a joke particularly delicate and silent opening and closing. All four types of folding doors are equipped with a series of multi-block (MPS). In this way, allapertura and closing the front remains open in any desired position, and must not be opened completely each time to take something out of the cabinet. The cranks are FREELIFT particularly thin and flat, almost do not notice, and at the same time provide a containment volume increased. Are available all the most common widths of flaps, heights and weights of the front, so as to integrate with each series of kitchens. All five new versions of folding doors are equipped with the system installation and registration of ClickFixx Kessebhmer. The opening of all electric versions FREELIFT made possible thanks to the new eTouch Kessebhmer. The integrated sensor reacts here so sensitive to the slightest deformation of the front, or just a slight pressure with a finger to operate the movement.


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Aesthetics, functionality and ease of assembly 444

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