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Handles and knobs design for everyday functionality

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Handles and knobs design for everyday functionalityThe Formae collection of handles and knobs for furniture, produced by Colombo Design, is enhanced by four new products: the furniture handles F135, and F136 Settimelli design & Messineo, design Ciani Billi Design and knobs for furniture F530, Design & Messineo and Settimelli F531, Francesco Polare design. The novelties arriving dallazienda Bergamo, have been designed with style as details to accompany the daily act of opening and closing doors and drawers, giving character to the furniture and contributing to their functionality and security. All products in the line Formae are characterized by the quality and the high standards of production; represent the right solution for enhancing smooth doors and without working or to add a touch of style furnishings. As the handles and knobs are considered an accessory, undoubtedly affect the image of the cabinet, making it more attractive and special; For this reason, important not to neglect their choice. The new handles and knobs are made of Cromall and are available in chrome finish and satin chrome. "The design of the handles and the knob F135 F530 explain Messineo & Settimelli - can be treated as a sculptural project, where the material to be molded metal, and the final shape of a box in which was engraved a kind of footprint, curved shape and concave, so simple as to seem almost archetypal, but at the same time functional and ergonomic to use. The beauty of the design often comes from the strength of a simple design gesture, but able to forge an original shape and delicate. "


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