Relax in a natural way with Biocrystal

Bedding Industries by creating a system guaranteed for life

Relax in a natural way with Biocrystal

Biocrystal ® is a natural composition, the essence of which consists of 16 crystals made with gold, silver and crystal active, with the aim of giving a steady rest, serene, and a balm for the whole body.
The company Hilding Anders Group, Bedding Industries, a model in the development of quality systems to facilitate a proper rest and unchanged, it is official collaborator of the company Pavletic for the creation and distribution of an innovative product.
The medical and scientific analysis corroborate that Biocrystal ® revitalizes the body's circulation and balance energy.
The results of the analysis conducted by the Institute Bion noted that the individual sleeping on mattresses and / or mattress Bedding ® Biocrystal increase a higher energy transport with the body, the muscles and the nervous system relax, thus allowing users to sleep better, even during a short rest.
It seems clear from these results that sleeping on Bedding Biocrystal ® brings the body to a greater recovery of the physical capabilities of the body, sleeping soundly and in the absence of nocturnal awakenings.
During a continuous rest, the body's cells are renewed energy, and consequently the morning the body is more responsive both mentally and physically. In addition to this, secured by a "Certificate of Authenticity", the crystals are perennial, indestructible and diffuse energy in the form of vibration and light.
Biocrystal ® is a natural product and can be used without restrictions and with the effect, not secondary, which will not become exhausted, it is insured for life.


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