Milan, 1964: in a small office with a basement used as a warehouse, Rehau Plastiks Italiana srl was founded, a company that would grow and become Rehau SpA, a reference business in the development of polymer solutions for the construction, automotive and industry sectors. Always characterized by competence, reliability and commitment in the development of future-oriented solutions, Rehau has developed over the years an increasing attention to environmental sustainability, a value in the name of which the company celebrates its 50th year of activity in Italy through its first Social Report. Rehau SpA is now a solid company with four branches, over 100 partners and more than 1,200 active customers in the Plumbing, Civil Engineering & Infrastructure, Windows and Industry Divisions. The high quality of its products and services in support of customers has helped to make the company an excellent partner and a reference point in offering new solutions and in the updating of existing systems. Some examples are the increasingly innovative and performing profiles of the Windows Division, the introduction of heat pumps and of systems of controlled mechanical ventilation in the Plumbing one, as well as Relazzo, the system of external paving, and the Rauvisio program of polymer surfaces, which has brought great innovations in the Furniture Division. Convinced that growth is not tied only to an economic aspect but also to social and environmental criteria, Rehau has always recognized great significance to Sustainability, devoting itself to the development of efficient products according to processes and production technologies to protect the environment and adopting strategies for a more sustainable future. This is the message that the first Social Report of Rehau wants to convey to its employees, customers, business partners and other stake holders, through data and concrete examples that analyze the Group's performance in the 2011/2012 period. Aware of the impact that a production company has on the climate and on the environment, Rehau over the years has adopted optimized technologies and production processes for the development of products that enable its customers to increase energy efficiency, to reduce costs and to ensure the quality of life, managing natural resources in a responsible way and minimizing the negative impact on people and habitats.


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