Quality products for the market of upholstery

Cimnaghi company specialized in the realization of drums polyurethanes

Quality products for the market of upholstery

Cimnaghi: a company that for over half a century has specialized in the creation of upholstery frames, and, in general, of furniture. The ability to Cimnaghi part by the creation of models and molds to arrive at production with and without inserts. From prototype through models, mold and molding, until the product is not covered. Another reason to note is the use by the company of polyurethanes in class 1 / M and the system British Standard, attacked by fire-resistant materials and the reduction of fumes. A feature known companies to high standards in the production of upholstered furniture design is to have partners who scrupulously follow their products more composites. Cimnaghi is able to follow the project realization, until the delivery of the product without cover, following meticulously the various stages is the guarantor of the good output, both technical and aesthetic, resulting in a product design excelled.



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