Monguzzi, in step with the technology of bonding.

Glues and edges that provide flexibility and quality.

Monguzzi, in step with the technology of bonding.

A leading figure in the field of adhesives and edges, Monguzzi itself combines flexibility, assurance and competence.

Monguzzi presents a wide range of products: creating borders verolegno, Habitable in many species with size 6/10 support with 30 gr TNT and size 10/10 combined with veneer., But also edges in solid wood combined with high thickness of several layers of sliced ??veneer or colored, with polyurethane adhesive, in rolls or lists Habitable up to 3 mm. Moreover, melamine edge: a decorative paper impregnated with melamine resins. Offered in rolls or reels, suitable for edging furniture in general. Accessible in thickness from 0.4 mm special version for softforming and economical version for rears. Again, the laminate: a board made ??from water-repellent and scratch paper soaked with ornamental malaminiche resins and phenolic. The laminate is used effectively for chipboard on the merits of its rigidity.

The company presents its customers with many other competitive products in the field of adhesives and borders, among them we mention the products specificii: reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesives, contact adhesives, melamine glue, hot melt based eva, urea glues liquid and powder .

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