Minimum environmental criteria and sustainability at the centre of a webinar promoted by Catas and Manifaktura

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CAM webinar Catas july 2020

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Sustainability and environmental protection have long been fundamental values to be pursued in every activity, now also in the Public Administration. The Procurement Code that regulates the purchases of public administrations requires that the orders entrusted to the various suppliers comply with CAM, Minimum Environmental Criteria, those environmental and ecological requirements, defined by the Ministry of the Environment, for the various phases of the purchasing process, aimed at identifying the best design solution, product or service from an environmental point of view along the life cycle.
These new rules can certainly represent a further opportunity for those virtuous furniture manufacturers who have already established a sustainable daily practice in their production by starting "green" production processes. Obviously, a scrupulous analysis of the entire life cycle of each product and a careful sampling of every single component, which must be subjected to constant verification and control, is also indispensable.


Cam Arredi: instructions for use

Just the issues related to Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) for the furniture sector, very topical and very interesting for manufacturers, will be addressed during a webinar to be held Thursday, July 23rd from 2 pm.
This is the second event that is the result of the recent new partnership between Catas, the most important European testing, certification and research laboratory for the furniture and furnishing sector, and Manifaktura, a new company founded in Pesaro by Francesco Balducci and Alessandra Cecchini, innovation managers with a very long national and international experience in the furniture world.
The webinar dedicated to Cams for the furniture sector, which can be attended free of charge through the "Teams" platform, sees the prestigious participation of the Ministry of the Environment, important to know the new regulatory updates now being defined.
After the presentation by Franco Bulian, Deputy Director of Catas, Sergio Saporetti, Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, will take the floor, who will address the theme "The national Gpp plan and the procurement code"; Alessandra Cecchini, from Manifaktura, will talk about "Cam Arredi: instructions for use. Obligations and application guidelines in the company".
"Evaluation of compliance with Cams for the wood-furniture sector" will be the theme at the centre of Marco Righini from Catas. In closing, Sergio Saporetti will take up the word again, illustrating the topic "Cam Arredi: future scenarios".  
Participants will be able to ask questions and talk to the speakers.
You can register for free on the Catas website. For any other information:, phone 0432 747260.


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