ICA Academy: The training school of Group Ica

ICA Academy: The training school of Group Ica

ICA Academy is the training school of the group ICA created with the goal to valorize its resources through the training and to seek young talents that inhale to become international managers. The group ICA is a private family-owned company. The family Paniccia is still present and operational in the firm, guaranteeing so a continuity in the management, in the maintenance and in the pursuit of the business philosophies, with a specific and continuous attention to the quality and the innovation. Nevertheless the growth of the group and its internationalisation have led to enrich the managerial asset developing and forming a team of collaborators that develop central roles in different managerial and strategic fields. ICA Academy stems from the wish of the third generation of the group ICA, Andrea, Claudio and Lorenzo Paniccia who had the idea and the desire to start a common project, even though engaged in different business areas. The heart of this ambitious sketch is the search of young talents that inhales to become manager and the exploitation of all the resources through the continuous training. The International Career Master is addressed to young graduates who inhale to become manager in international field. It deals with a professional master whose training process foresees the acquisition of an high knowledge of the international processes  and excellent managerial competences through an education that alternates the theoretical and practical training in the classroom to project work realized on real managerial problems. The applicant managers are supported by experienced personnel under the constant supervision of a devoted technical tutor. The goal of the first master of ICA Academy is to meet and to valorize young talents, to spread the business culture and to provide the necessary tools in order to cover managerial and technical-commercial roles in the foreign countries. The International Career Master foresees the assignment of 8 scholarships so as to be able to allow the candidates the association with the whole master and to acquire the necessary training to cover managerial positions or technical-commercial roles. At the end the most deserving candidates will be valued for an assumption in the group ICA for the positions of Country Manager or External Commercial Technician.


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