Cristalplant Design Contest 2015

Cristalplant Design Contest 2015

The seventh edition of "Cristalplant® Design Contest" kicks off with big news: two categories of design for many target groups. The 2015 contest will see from one side of the Young Designer, Senior Designer on the other. For each group will be called a winner. Fall in the Young Designer creative young people born after the 01/01/1980.
The Senior Designer will instead be those who were born before dell'01 / 01/1980.
The Young Designer will design a complete line or stand-alone products for
bathroom furniture Cristaplant Biobased also combined with other materials (excluding health and small accessories).
The Senior Designer will instead present independent products for bathroom furniture for the category Contract Cristaplant Biobased also combined with other materials (excluding health and small accessories).
"For the seventh year, a" birthday "of no small importance - emphasizes Vittorio Pavarin, sales and marketing director of Cristalplant® - we decided to make a new, in our opinion, of great impact: the contest will be open to all designers those with a more robust curriculum to young students has always been the protagonists of our competition. This choice could only be made if not in collaboration with those who, in 2009, he first shared our vision, Antoniolupi. "
Sixty years on the Italian and international market, Antoniolupi is known for its ability to create innovation, but also for research on materials and design and for its investments in technology and creativity. The highest quality, checked and guaranteed, has always been the company's mission.
Cristalplant, founded as a spin-off of Nicos International in the 90s, operates under a philosophy that aims to fulfill the needs of designers and architects of client companies, to arrive, last but not least, to the satisfaction of the end user, which are also provided additional services and assistance. Young and dynamic, reality trevigiana work with an eye always towards innovation. Cristalplant Biobased, the first "eco-sustainable solid surface 100% made in Italy", is a resinous material derived from raw materials of plant origin mixed with natural mineral aggregates of extreme purity (50% minerals and 50% polyester bioresina). Suitable to get the score "VOC" and "BIO-BASED" for certification of environmental sustainability at the international level, Cristalplant Biobased is particularly suited to bathroom design.
The Cristalplant® Design Contest 2015 offers creative professionals the opportunity to express themselves using the Cristalplant Biobased ( as the base material of products inspired by the style of Antoniolupi.
Participants may occur singly or in groups, sending even more plans for the proposed class. The deadline for submission of entries is 12 January 2015 The best projects will be initially implemented in the prototype and successivamentei included in the catalog Antoniolupi.


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