Cosentino Design Challenge: the winning projects of the 15th edition

Numerous and highly experienced participants in the international competition promoted by the Cosentino Group

Cosentino Design Challenge:

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The winning projects of the fifteenth edition of the Cosentino Design Challenge (CDC), the international competition promoted by the Cosentino Group to encourage the creativity and talent of architecture and design students from all over the world, have been announced.
A total of 309 projects were submitted to this year's competition, 196 in the Architecture category and 113 in the Design category, by European, American, and Asian students.
Santiago Alfonso, Vice President of Communication and Marketing of the Cosentino Group and President of the CDC Competition, said he was proud of the large number of projects submitted, especially in a particularly complex year.
For her part, interior designer Soledad Ordóñez, one of the members of the jury, said: "For a competition created for students, I was particularly impressed by the level of expertise shown in the projects submitted. There is a stark contrast between the conceptual designs and those applicable in everyday life. My sincere congratulations for all the efforts and work done.
Cosentino Design Challenge 15 was supported by 32 schools and universities, some of which have included this competition in their academic calendar. Adelina Salinas, architect, and Cosentino Design Challenge coordinator, explained that "just as the schools and universities had to adapt to online classes, the CDC had to make an effort to provide online presentations in such a way as to be able to reach the whole world and, especially, the students of the 32 partner academic institutions".

Cosentino Design Challenge: the winning projects

Six projects, three in the Architecture category and three in the Design category, were awarded prizes and will receive €1,000 each. In addition, three runners-up were chosen in each category and will receive a certificate of participation in the Cosentino Design Challenge.
For the Architecture category, whose theme was "Kitchens with soul - new visions for everyday spaces", the three winning projects are: "On the rock" by Manon Capel (ESAM Design); "Culinary spot of light" by Maria Nicolina Dobras (UNIZAR); "The Golden Hour" by Robin Kavalirek (Berlin International - University of Applied Sciences).
In the Design category, which developed the theme "Cosentino... material and sensations", the following three projects won: "Hotel lobby" by Ignacio Rivera (ETSAM) - in the opening photo; "Meraki" by Clara Molina Soria, Diego Cuenca Piqueras, Elías Amorós Quiles, Estefanía Henao Tabares, Raquel Miralles del Rincón (EASDA); "Eternal, memorial stone" by Carmen Amigo Vega, Víctor González Castellanos, Celia Hernández Feijóo (Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales (EII), Universidad de Valladolid (UVa).
Runners-up in the Architecture category who received the certificate: "LED - Let´s Eat and Dance" by Marina Tovar Fukuoka (ESNE); "Camping Cosentino" by Marina Domingo (ETSAM) and "Oblique" by Luis Mínguez González (ETSAM).
Runners-up in the Design category: "INMANENT" by Pablo Pérez García, Marina Peña Varona, Rubén Quevedo Martínez (Universidad de Valladolid (Uva); "The Sound of Self-Care" by Daniel Calopino Madariaga (Artediez) and "Collision" by Irene Martínez Llorca, Isabel Santos Campo, Marina Gutiérrez García (Universidad de Valladolid (Uva).


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