Busnelli International: Sliced precomposed multilaminar

The wood in all its shades

Busnelli International: Sliced precomposed multilaminar

Busnelli International has many years experience in the supply and marketing of real wood veneer reconstituted multilaminar dedicated to the wood and the best architectural and interior design. The versatility of the sliced ??veneer is an added value to the service of creativity makes it possible to recreate the designs of fine woods, rare and protected, or devise new essences do not exist in nature for color and texture, ensuring reproducibility, homogeneity and continuity in supplies, and storing all feeling absolutely natural wood and its inimitable charm.

Essences from classic and traditional to modern textures with contemporary design collections of reconstituted veneers offer a wide variety of essences devoted to the Contract or living projects.

A huge archive for various types of projects. The entire collection of reconstituted veneers Busnelli International includes more than 300 species in the catalog, an archive ready to fulfill every request, which also lends itself as inspiration in the creation of tailor-made essences and able to meet every need in terms of customization shades and color combinations, designs and textures, for all flagship projects.


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