Living coral will be the pantone color of 2019

Vivid and captivating, living coral infuses energy and optimism

Living coral will be the pantone color of 2019

Pantone color institute has just decreed the colour of the 2019 the one that will inevitably influence the design and the fashion of the next 12 months: the pantone 16-1546 Living Coral. A vivid and shining shade, cosy and elegant that matches with the house and that transmit energy and optimism.              Living coral is infact a comforting colour that recall the nature, the depth of the sea and the fantastic coralline barriers which charm the eyes and the mind.     Many design and fashion companies have already inserted this colour into their own chromatic shovel in order to immediately satisfy the fashionable and demanding customer’s requests and always be in time with the trends of the moment. For this reason we will see furnishings, accessories, but also household appliances, potteries and textiles proposed in this beautiful shade.


Pantone color of the year


Since 20 years, pantone colour of the year influences the development of the products and the decisions about shopping in different sectors, including fashion, interior design, industrial design, packaging of products and graphic design.                                                                                                                        The choice of the colour of the year has born from an important evaluation and analysis of some trends by professionists of the pantone color institute,             The trends can be suggested from different areas as the one of the theater and cinema, or art’s exhibitions and new artists, from fashion and design, by new lifestyles, from materials and innovative textiles.


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