MoOD & Indigo Brussels 2018: the best quality furnishing textiles

Preview textile trends related to colours, materials, patterns and styles

MoOD & Indigo Brussels 2018: the best quality furnishing textiles

MoOD & Indigo 2018 will be held in Brussels from 11 to 13 September, the most important furnishing fabrics exhibition.

For the third consecutive year, the boutique-style exhibition will be held at the Tour & Taxis, the recently restored early 20th-century department store in the centre of Brussels. An exhibition space flooded with natural light perfect to show the best fabrics for interior design.

Textile manufacturers and printers from all over the world, each year, offer high-quality upholstery for sofas, curtain and wall textiles, innovative materials and interesting solutions in the field of technical finishing.

Last May 24th was previewed at Kortrijk, the city that is the heart of the Belgian textile industry, "Next Wave", the theme that reveals the textile trends that will have a major impact on interior decoration in the near future, trends relating to the colours, materials, patterns and styles of furniture.


"Next Wave" trends

Niek De Perst, trend analyst for MoOD + Indigo, has selected seven trends: hybrid materials, Chinoiserie, tone-on-tone colour Range, bold Colours, Wabi-Sabi imperfection, sensorial Materials and Anti-design.

Hybrid materials. So far there have been two prevailing trends: the use of natural yarns and, on the other, the use of hyper-performing materials. We now try to blend the best of both materials: the comfort of natural yarns is thus combined with the performance capacity of artificial synthetic solutions.

Chinoiserie. There are complex but delicate drawings that show fauna and flora of oriental and tropical inspiration, often inspired by traditional and almost forgotten traditional techniques and patterns.

Tone-to-tone colour Range. The trend to a range of quiet, simple colours, mostly tone-on-tone or colours of the same segment in the colour circle: people love harmony and this is exactly what the producers provide them.

Bold Colours. Trendy colours are also bolder: from basic red to yellow, from cobalt blue to intense green. The bold colours cancel the boredom of life, recall the game and the joy.

Wabi-Sabi Imperfection. Imperfections are the latest trend at this time in the textile industry. Born in Japan, in the artisanal field and based on the idea that life itself is imperfect, nowadays fabrics find beauty in imperfection.

Sensory materials. Velvets and hyper-tactile materials are among the most sought-after materials for upholstery. Velvets are both resistant and glamorous. The soft velvets with decadent shades or wabi-sabi continue to satisfy fabric buyers all over the world.

Anti-design. Being "Anti" is a trend, even if it is difficult to be "anti", to be rebels in a world where almost all styles are allowed. Being a rebel today means above all opposing the consensus of beauty, finding beauty in ugliness and being ironically chic. What was a sign of poverty in interior design is reinvented as good taste.


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