LIGNA ready for business

A wealth of innovations and a world-unique array of high-tech plant and machines

LIGNA ready for business

LIGNA, the world's most important woodworking, woodworking and woodworking equipment fair, will take place in Hannover from 22 to 26 May 2017 and will host 1,500 exhibitors, for 50% foreigners from 49 countries that have an impressive variety of innovations.
“Given the current business climate in the wood industry, the growing wave of digitalization and our revamped thematic layout, we are looking forward to a very successful LIGNA this year,” commented Dr. Andreas Gruchow, the Deutsche Messe Managing Board member responsible for LIGNA. “The show has experienced the first significant rise in booked space in several years, and we have already outstripped the final figures for the most recent staging of LIGNA, in 2015,” he added. “LIGNA 2017 will occupy 128,000 square meters (over 1,377,700 sq. ft.) of display space. And it will profile products and solutions in the display categories of Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production, Surface Technology, Wood Based Panel Production, Sawmill Technology, Energy from Wood, Machine Components and Automation Technology, and Forestry Technology – all intelligently grouped in a new technology-centric layout. The revamped layout has been extremely well received by our exhibitors and has triggered a significant upswing in rented space. A key change in 2017 is that the hall layout is more in keeping with the technological convergence between small woodworking workshops and large industrial processors. The current very sound economic environment, which will be the backdrop to LIGNA 2017, is reflected in the first quarter figures released by the Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers’ Association within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). According to the VDMA’s quarterly report, German companies recorded double-digit increases in order and sales volumes, with EU countries, the US and China among the key growth drivers,” Gruchow said.
“Visitors can expect a wealth of innovations and a world-unique lineup of machines and sophisticated plant and equipment, including live demonstrations. There’s also a supporting program of conferences and forums in which luminaries of the woodworking and timber processing industries will present and debate future-defining trends,” added Christian Pfeiffer, Deutsche Messe’s Global Director LIGNA and Woodworking Events.
LIGNA’s organizers, Deutsche Messe and the German Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, owe their upbeat mood to the dynamism of the technology landscape, as expressed in the show’s new layout, the upswing experienced by the wood industry in many parts of the world and, not least, the growing tide of digitalization. Integrated manufacturing and digitalization are transforming the machines, systems and tools used in the woodworking and timber processing industries.
Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, Smart Factory: These are the keynote themes of LIGNA 2017. They are the names and faces of a new generation of technologies that will empower users of all types to achieve greater efficiency and productivity and become more competitive.
Held in Hannover, Germany, from 22 to 26 May, LIGNA will map out the digitalization road ahead in all sectors of the wood industry and present the latest technology milestones along the way.


Scm in Ligna 2017 in the signal of innovation  10022

Scm is leader in the technologies for the process of wood introducing in Ligna 2017 an exceptional series of novelties concerning systems, software and the single technological solutions.

Giardina Group is born 10019

Giampiero Mauri has acquired the entire Giardina Finishing stock package. Thus a new reality is born, Giardina Group, with the aim of creating a strong business on the Italian and international markets. The news presented at the next Ligna in Hannover from 22 to 26 May.

Acimall: a team to successfully face the challenges of the future 10040

The general assembly of the Confindustria member association unanimously confirms the mandate of President Lorenzo Primultini and appointed the two new Vice Presidents. Economic data for the first quarter of 2017 were positive.

Preliminary results 2016 by Acimall 780

The Studies Office of Acimall estimates that production in 2016 amounted to 2,078 million euro, 11.5 percent more than 1,864 in 2015.

Xylexpo 2018: a quality fair in a growing market 10145

Xylexpo 2018, the international biennial of technologies and supplies for the wood and furniture industry, will be held at Fiera Milano-Rho from 8 to 12 May 2018.

SCM at Xylexpo 2018: cutting-edge technological solutions 10148

SCM will participate also this year in Xylexpo where it will propose its new digital systems. Some of these were previewed during the Scm Digital Days event that took place at the Scm Technology Center in Rimini.

Acimall economic survey: positive also for the fourth quarter of 2017 10169

Positive results are highlighted by data emerged from the economic survey for the fourth quarter of 2017 of Acimall and by the preliminary results for 2017.

The performance of Italian technologies was positive also in the first quarter of 2018 10224

The period January-March 2018 shows a growth of 19.2% compared to the same three months of 2017; exports score + 22.1% and the domestic market + 3.7%.