HOMI, the Lifestyle Trade Fair, will be held in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile

Home and sustainability are the new design trends according to a survey by Sole 24ORE Radiocor for Homi

Sole 24 Ore Radiocor survey on new design trends

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HOMI, the Lifestyle Trade Fair, dedicated to the world of living and home decoration, initially scheduled for January 2021, will be held from 5 to 8 September at fieramilanocity and Mico in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile.
Creating synergy is the main intention of Fiera Milano, organiser of the event. "After fashion, which has succeeded in concentrating the entire supply chain in one week, design and the world of home decoration will also be concurrent - said Carlo Bonomi, President of Fiera Milano. A real revolution that has transformed a moment of crisis into an opportunity". The concomitance of the two events will further enrich the entire Sistema dell'Abitare in Milan.


New design trends: home and sustainability

Sustainability, intimacy and comfort are the reference points that the world of design is following to respond to new consumer needs, a direct consequence of the changed lifestyle habits due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is what emerges from an interesting survey carried out by Il Sole 24ORE Radiocor for HOMI.


Pandemic accelerates structural trends

The health emergency that broke out at the beginning of 2020 has accelerated epochal changes already underway in lifestyles and work culture, with social relations reduced to a minimum and the home becoming the central focus of life. These changes will most likely not end with the arrival of the vaccine or a cure, and even a return to so-called normality will not succeed in eliminating them, as they have now become structural. According to the experts, Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns have only accelerated trends that were already underway, and have transformed work culture in a profound and rapid manner. Many companies are actually considering allowing their employees to continue working from home.


Home as the central hub of life

It is clear, therefore, that the home will become the central focus of everyone's life and will consequently need to be rethought, and with it design and furniture. A new way of living and working will require innovation in the organisation of living spaces, and new ways of experiencing social relations will also bring about changes in the hospitality sector.
This opens up a myriad of opportunities for design, and architects and designers are working on innovative solutions to respond effectively to the new trends on the horizon.


More focus on sustainability

Another essential theme for the world of design and beyond will be that of sustainability and attention to environmental issues. Italy could set the pace in terms of sustainability by trying to combine respect for the environment and nature with contemporary architecture. The emblem of this new architecture is Studio Boeri's "Bosco verticale", appreciated all over the world, which has succeeded in indissolubly intertwining home and greenery.
Another example is Alessi, a historic manufacturer of design objects, which has decided to become a Benefit Company, setting itself one or more objectives of common benefit, in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way. Many other design companies and more generally Made in Italy companies have been turning their attention to sustainability and environmental issues for some time now, partly because many entrepreneurs are aware that integrating environmental issues with innovation is a strategic choice that can bring economic development.


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