Csil report on the 200 largest furniture companies in the world

The study provides a comparative analysis and detailed profiles of the world's leading furniture manufacturers

Rapporto Csil Top 200 furniture manufacturers worldwide

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According to Csil data, global furniture production in 2020 amounted to approximately $420 billion, down almost 10% compared to 2019, but this decline turned out to be less than expected.  Compared to this figure, the world's 200 leading furniture manufacturers recorded a moderate reduction in sales, thanks to significant financial capabilities that enabled them to quickly realign their business strategies by implementing new sales channels, such as e-commerce, or partially repositioning their supply chains.
These data emerge from the new edition of the Csil Report "Top 200 furniture manufacturers worldwide", published in English and now available to purchase online.


The world's 200 leading furniture manufacturers

The Report, now in its eleventh edition, is the result of extensive work by Csil, which has made a careful and comprehensive selection of the 200 leading global furniture companies that are highly representative in terms of production value and geographical coverage.
The aim of the Csil Report is to provide a comparative analysis and detailed profiles of the world's leading furniture manufacturers, with information such as financial performance, sales and production strategies, activities and product portfolio, and general contact information.
The selected furniture companies operate in the following segments: office furniture, kitchen furniture, upholstered furniture and other household furniture (e.g. dining/living room furniture, bedrooms, bathroom, outdoor furniture, etc.).


The global furniture sector

The study is introduced by a scenario on the global furniture industry in which the major furniture manufacturers operate, with trends in furniture consumption, international trade, and the evolution of global furniture production by geographic areas for the 2015-2020 timeframe.
During 2020, the global furniture industry was inevitably affected by the outbreak of the pandemic, which forced more than 100 countries around the world to institute a total or partial freeze at different times of the year, affecting billions of people. The pandemic has caused both a demand shock and a supply shock with an impact on furniture production and consumption.
The 200 furniture companies selected in the Csil Report have a combined turnover of around $160 billion, of which around $100 billion relates to the furniture industry, representing 22% of the sector's global production and, in terms of geographic coverage, are collectively based in more than 30 countries. These companies recorded a limited decline in sales in 2020 thanks to their financial capabilities.


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