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Effegibrevetti presents Synergy Lab self-supporting modular displays

Effegibrevetti presents Synergy Lab, an innovative and versatile solution designed by the company for...
In: Functional furniture hardware Data pubblicazione: 01/09/2021 Company: Effegibrevetti S.r.l.

Winch series flap door mechanisms by Effegibrevetti: functionality and design

Effegibrevetti, a company specialising in the design and development of cutting-edge technological products,...
In: Mechanisms for folding doors Data pubblicazione: 21/06/2021 Company: Effegibrevetti S.r.l.

Effegibrevetti: new products under the banner of technology, design and simplicity

Effegibrevetti presents some interesting new features: the new Simply shelf support, the Shadow Line...
In: Functional furniture hardware Data pubblicazione: 18/09/2020 Company: Effegibrevetti S.r.l.

Effegibrevetti: always guarantee an excellent quality of work

Antonio Giovannetti, one of the two owners of Effegibrevetti, says that the web allows you to continue...
In: Companies: strategies and future Data pubblicazione: 16/06/2020 Company: Effegibrevetti S.r.l.

Mechanisms for flap doors and invisible hinges by Effegibrevetti: functionality and minimalist design

Effegibrevetti offers furniture manufacturers the innovative Unico flap door system and the Ankor DS...
In: Mechanisms for folding doors Data pubblicazione: 25/03/2020 Company: Effegibrevetti S.r.l.

From Effegibrevetti the Ankor DS line of concealed hinges and the Unico folding door mechanism

Effegibrevetti presented two interesting novelties at Sicam: the new line of concealed hinges Ankor DS...
In: Furniture Hinges Data pubblicazione: 15/11/2019 Company: Effegibrevetti S.r.l.

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