Ossicolor: new production technologies and a new channel of dialogue

Seizing the opportunities linked to change: interview with Manuel Cecchele, CEO of Ossicolor

interview  manuel cecchele ceo ossicolor

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Manuel Cecchele, CEO of Ossicolor, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of aluminium profiles, explains how he faced the emergency situation and how he looks to the future with renewed enthusiasm.


New opportunities can arise from a crisis situation. Will there be changes in your business reality and if so, which ones?

"The economic crises of recent years have shown us how passively suffering events, waiting for the storm to abate, can prove to be a risky tactic. Instead, we believe it is appropriate to combine careful financial management with a relaunch strategy capable of seizing the opportunities linked to the changes taking place. The slowdown in orders has allowed us to accelerate the implementation of new technologies, capable of expanding our offer such as liquid coating for profiles up to 4.5 metres in length and wire EDM for samples up to 500mm".


In this period the importance of the web has emerged with greater force. Are you planning to use these means more even after the emergency?

"On the commercial side, we have opened "Ossicolor & You", a new service that involves the use of web platforms, such as Zoom and Skype, to be used not only as an emergency tool, but as a new channel of dialogue in addition to the irreplaceable direct relationship with the customer.
The emergency has also allowed us to strengthen interpersonal relations between ourselves and our suppliers, both through extraordinary economic support measures and through health prevention actions, such as periodic serological tests".

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