Effegibrevetti: always guarantee an excellent quality of work

Continuing to pursue goals with passion and enthusiasm: interview with one of the two owners of the company Antonio Giovannetti

interview Antonio Giovannetti owner Effegibrevetti

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Effegibrevetti, a leading Italian company in the design and development of cutting-edge technological products for furniture, has been able to make the most of the potential offered by the web to continue to work even in these months of forced closure.
One of the two owners, Antonio Giovannetti, answered our questions highlighting how the strength of the company continues to be the excellent quality of work and consequently of the products offered to its customers.


New opportunities can arise from a crisis situation. Will there be changes in your business reality and if so, which ones?

"There will certainly be many changes, for all of us, starting with all the new preventive safety procedures that we will have to comply with from now on indefinitely. In addition to entry controls and mandatory protective equipment, we adopt staggered timetables and work from home. All this will certainly cause a change not only in the way we work, but also in the pace of our work routine.


During this period, the importance of the web has become more important. Are you planning to use these means more even after the emergency?

"Now more than ever it is important to exploit the technologies we have at our disposal. These have allowed us, before anything else, to continue working even if from the living room table. Thanks to the web we can keep the interest towards our reality and our products alive in this situation of forced social distancing and the consequent postponement of the most important and attended trade fair of the sector. The web allows us to continue to pursue our goals with the passion and enthusiasm that have guided us in all these years".


In addition to product quality and technological innovation, what other elements do you plan to focus on to strengthen your image on domestic and foreign markets (quality of work, sustainability, environment, solidarity)?

"Ensuring an excellent quality of work has always been our primary objective and, in this delicate situation, we are sure it can become a distinctive strength of our small reality".

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