Atim: the strength of a responsible and collaborative team

Thinking about new ways of using the network: interview with Stefano Del Prete CEO Atim and PM Aluproget


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What will change in companies' strategies after the Covid-19 emergency? Will it return as before or will there be room for significant change?
We discuss this with Stefano Del Prete, CEO Atim and PM Aluproget - Atim Group, a leading manufacturer and designer of slides and sliding mechanisms for the furniture industry.


New opportunities can arise from a crisis situation. Will there be changes in your business reality and if so, which ones?

"Surely the health emergency was a big call for change. COVID-19 has helped to make people spend more time at home, live it more intensely and sometimes improvised. The need for more and more versatile spaces, able to adapt to the countless needs of people throughout the day, has never been clearer.
In this way, many of us will be forced to work from home, which until this emergency happened occasionally.
We are scheduling several video chat meetings to overcome the problem of meeting, but I think this renews and updates the way we communicate with our clients".


In this period the importance of the web has emerged more strongly. Do you think to use these means more even after the emergency?

"The investments to increase our online presence are continuous, but the emergency has served to think about new ways of using the web. We are creating new digital materials to support our sales network, and we plan to make more use of digital channels to create frequent opportunities to meet our various stakeholders".

In addition to product quality and technological innovation, what other elements do you plan to focus on to strengthen your image in domestic and foreign markets (quality of work, sustainability, environment, solidarity)?

"We are proud of the collaboration and responsibility that we have found in our team during this crisis.
The health emergency has helped to bring us closer and to increase the sense of belonging to the team. Our employees have shown great commitment and responsibility in adopting habits that contribute to making the work environment more usable and healthy, such as a greater attention to the cleanliness of the workstations and the order of the spaces.
During the lockdown, spontaneous initiatives were born to stay in touch, sometimes fun, such as the creation of the Atim Quarantine Menu, made by exchanging recipes made at home, sometimes in solidarity, with the organization of collections and donations.
We believe that having faced a difficult moment together will help us to fight not only in the restart phase, but much further".


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