Ostermann edges for lacquered surfaces from the PrimeBoard collection by Pfleiderer

Available in 8 solid colours and in two variants, super matt and super gloss

Ostermann edges for lacquered surfaces from the PrimeBoard collection by Pfleiderer

Ostermann is the European leader in edge trading and its subsidiary Ostermann Italia is able to deliver the largest edge assortment in Europe within 24 hours in the quantities required from 1 meter.
Ostermann has always worked in a very active and timely manner with panel manufacturing companies, as in the case of the German company Pfleiderer, which has recently developed an innovative multi-layer lacquering technology. The new PrimeBoard surfaces by Pfleiderer with this innovative lacquering feature a panel that brings together the attractive look of the lacquered effect, excellent workability and high surface resistance.
This innovative multi-layer lacquering technology guarantees high colour stability and excellent technical characteristics for trouble-free processing.
Thanks to the special collaboration with Pfleiderer, Ostermann was able to immediately supply the edges in perfect combination with the new production line.


Eight solid colours and two variants, super opaque and super gloss

The Ostermann edges, combined with the new PrimeBoard collection, are available in eight very glamourous combined colours: from different shades of white to beige and grey to classic black.
All the plain edges always exist in two versions: a super matt XTreme Matt and a high gloss XTreme High Gloss. The assortment is enriched by an elegant wood decoration (light Fjord Beech) with a super-opaque finish.
Ostermann has stocked the edges suitable for the lacquered surfaces of the new PrimeBoard collection by Pfleiderer in the usual standard sizes (23, 33, 43 and 100 mm). On request, Ostermann also cuts its edges to measure in any desired width.
The company supplies the edges suitable for PrimeBoard panels from as little as 1 meter. The shipment of the goods available in stock takes place the same day. The edges are then delivered within 24 hours.


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