Edges RAUKANTEX Laser Edge of Rehau

Impeccable aesthetics and functional benefits

Edges RAUKANTEX Laser Edge of Rehau

Impeccable aesthetics and functional benefitsRehau, a leading provider of innovative mobile The industry, offers the complete range of RAUKANTEX edge laser edge solutions edging highly functional, able to create a perfect and permanent fusion between edge and panel. Due to the variety of colors and patterns, which are matched to any surface, Rehau extends the potential of this revolutionary technology as well as interior and architects, who can interpret in a completely new and creative materials more different. Compatible with all equipment available on the market, RAUKANTEX laser edging intelligent edge solution that allutilizzo without the use of glue, allows you to apply the border to the panel in a perfect way. During processing, the laser melts the polymer layer on the back of the edges coextruded, ensuring optimum fastening to the panel and permanent and capable of withstanding heat and moisture. Through this layer, made in the same color as the visible side, the discontinuity aesthetics of the joints and the resulting accumulation of dirt and yellowing of the same, are eliminated, to the benefit of a flawless appearance and smooth. With the introduction of the edges RAUKANTEX laser edge in the program Express Collection, Rehau and business partners to ensure designers dinterni maximum freedom in the choice of designs and colors, offering endless design possibilities, from simple plain edges to those with prints and patterns more complex , until smooth and finish with the degree of gloss ultra-matt or mirror. The availability of different polymeric materials, such as PP, PMMA and ABS, also allows to obtain numerous plus, ranging from maximum resistance to chemicals and ultraviolet rays, in the case of eco-friendly PP polymer, and the lucidabilit alleffetto three-dimensional lines RAUKANTEX magic 3D RAUKANTEX or VISIONS PMMA. In addition to the improvement in terms of quality, aesthetics and design, laser technology that optimizes Rehau pioneered the manufacturing process at the level of preparation, maintenance and cleaning, significantly reducing the cost of maintenance and commissioning of the plant, as well as the costs of cleaning, storage and logistics.


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