Ostermann Edges with Supermatt finishing

An assortment even richer

Ostermann Edges with Supermatt finishing

An assortment even richer

New tendencies in furnishing sector bring the producers of laminates and ennobled panels to propose super opaque surfaces. Also shutters furniture producers increasingly offer an ample variety of this type of surfaces. In answer to these demands Ostermann, expert company in production of edges, it offers a vast range of Supermatt edges.
For instance, with the edges combined to the collection Fenix NTM of Arpa Industriale, last summer Ostermann introduced the first super opaque edges in the assortment. Today there are in catalog already 65 different edges with the "Supermatt" finishing.
The range of the available colors includes the classical trend colors like white, beige and grey up to black. Here varied shades can be found for almost all colors. In the case of the grey, currently very trend color, Ostermann proposes in his range over 25 different super opaque edges. Ostermann also proposes Supermatt edges in the vivacious tones of red, blue, yellow, green, purple and orange, which have been more and more affirming.
Also as it regards the quantity, Ostermann offers a service able to satisfy the different demands both of the manufacturing companies and of the small craft firms. In fact in the production of kitchens, dealing with great super opaque surfaces, it is worth to purchase great quantities of edge. In the realization of modern living areas instead, the super opaque surfaces are often used in vivacious tones for highlighting some elements; in this case therefore small quantities of edge are enough. The service made by Ostermann available it consists in delivering all edges to store from 1 meter within 24 hours.


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