Boards and papers

Ostermann real wood edges: a wide range for every need

Ostermann offers a wide range of high-quality real wood edgings in thicknesses from 0.5 to 3 mm and transverse wood edgings in a variety of wood types and finishes.

Schattdecor: new digital prints, new decors and innovative products

At interzum, the surface specialist Schattdecor presented a wide variety of new décors, design trends and innovative products to meet the needs of customers, designers and architects.

News from Ostermann: Forbo Desktop Surfaces Matching Edges

Ostermann has developed the ABS edgings perfectly matched to the Desktop surfaces of the Furniture Linoleum range from Forbo, a trendy material

Counterfeiting: new copyright protection in the sector

At a meeting organised in interzum by Schattdecor and Surteco, there was a discussion on how to protect oneself from copied designs in the wood panel industry.

The wide range of Ostermann edgings is enriched with interesting new features

The latest additions to Ostermann's range include desktop matching edgings from Forbo's Furniture Linoleum range and ABS Compact-Style edgings.

Ostermann: edges for black surfaces and more

To respond to trends in the furnishing sector, Ostermann offers numerous solid black edges that, thanks to the different finishes and gloss levels, adapt perfectly to the surfaces.

Ostermann offers selected edges with a vintage look

Ostermann, always in step with the new trends in the furniture industry, offers a series of selected edges with a vintage look, suitable for making furniture of this type

The new Schattdecor decorations and bestsellers

Schattdecor presented at Sicam 2018 a new generation of universally applicable designs that respond in a timely manner to current international market trends

Ostermann edges with a cement effect to respond to the trend of the moment

Ostermann expands its extensive product range with a wide selection of ABS edges with a cement effect.

Schattdecor decorations: tomorrow's trends on show at Sicam 2018

Schattdecor will present its new designs and innovations for furniture and flooring surfaces to Sicam, according to trends in the design sector in Italy.

Ultra Violet is the trend colour 2018 and Ostermann has the equivalent edge

Ostermann offers the operators of the sector the ABS edge 041.4870, Madras miniperl violet, which corresponds to the Ultra Violet tone, elected colour of the year 2018.

Ostermann ABS Compact-Style edges with a real wood effect

Ostermann offers the new ABS Compact-Style edges that create the effect of a real wood front of the highest quality

Ostermann edges for lacquered surfaces from the PrimeBoard collection by Pfleiderer

Ostermann is able to immediately provide the edges suitable for the new lacquered surfaces of the PrimeBoard collection by Pfleiderer, available in 8 solid colours and in two variants, super matt and super gloss.

Ostermann Pied de poule ABS edges: panels and edges follow the current fashion

The new edges have been designed by Ostermann especially in combination with the Pied de poule surfaces belonging to the "Pink Houses" colour world of the new Pfleiderer collection.

REDOCOL Teclinex One For All by Ostermann: effective and safe

The REDOCOL Teclinex One For All detergent from Ostermann combines a wide range of cleaning products, both manually and through a beading machine. Testing of independent institutes confirmed the effectiveness, tolerability and safety of the product.





Ostermann: all edges suitable for new collections

Ostermann presents at Sicam the latest news concerning edges, adhesives, detergents and technical profiles. A modern touch-screen terminal, placed in the stand, shows videos concerning a range of Ostermann selected products

Schattdecor innovation: success for the duplicates of stone digital printed

Schattdecor has proposed in Interzum all innovations of product and tendency. Great attention aroused by the duplicates of stone printed with the digital system.

Group Ostermann:

Ostermann presented at Interzum "The world of the edge": in the stand a lot of visitors, both national and foreign, were able to appreciate the wide variety of assortment of edges and a rich choice of glues, detergents and technical profiles.

Ostermann Edging

The expert of Ostermann edging succeeds in combining the edges in ABS with as realistic as possible, both from the optic and tactile point of view.

Decolay Real of Schattdecor

A new melamine paper for the optic synchronization of decorum Schattdecor has introduced in Sicam 2016 Decolays Real, a new melamine paper which allows to realize synchronized surfaces ...

Ostermann at Sicam

The new acrylic 3D Space Wave edge with undulated effect Ostermann, the expert of edges, introduced the most actual tendencies for 2016 to Sicam in the sector of edges exposing them this ...

Ostermann: the edge as characteristic element

An ample range of solutions for creative projects The edges are used predominantly combined to color, to decorum and to finishing of the panel that they must finish up. They can be also ...

Schattdecor introduces Decor Selection 2016

New tendencies, colors and materials of the ornamentals of the next season Schattdecor introduces the Decor Selection 2016, an international selection of top level ornamentals on the ...

Increasingly ample the range of the veneered boards Ostermann

Among novelties the wood end board in European oak Most manufacturing companies have returned to use the veneered surfaces. They are always seen more often executive lounges, coated with ...

Ostermann Edges with Supermatt finishing

An assortment even richer New tendencies in furnishing sector bring the producers of laminates and ennobled panels to propose super opaque surfaces. Also shutters furniture producers ...

Covering foils Hybrid Real Metal Foils of Kröning

Many job opportunities Kröning, German company which belongs to the Group Surteco, it produces an unique material to realize the covering foils for profiles used especially in the ...

Printed decor paper Schattdecor

High quality meets the trend topics Schattdecor has been supplying printed decor paper, foil and melamine film to leading companies in the wood-based panel and furniture industry for ...

Redocol Teclinex One-For-All of Ostermann

Multi-functional cleanser by flanging machine Ostermann, european leader for the commerce of edges and hardware, it introduces a multi-functional cleanser by flanging machine of new ...

ABS edgings by Ostermann

A winning material with its easy processing ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) is regularly used in their manufacture. The plastic is characterised by a high mechanical abrasion and ...

The Rehau creativity

The Rehau creativity on display at Interzum 2015 Rehau participated in Interzum presenting a very wide range of solutions under the motto: “Rehau, your creative capital”. ...

The board of Infratec Ostermann

A solution suitable for infrared technology After the laser edge and the edge Airtec, Ostermann offers to Interzum and Ligna a third solution on the market to get the so-called ...

Synergy Technology Harp, Biesse and Rehau

Innovative solutions for smart materialsThe Workshop & Tech Trends, Technologies and innovative solutions for smart materials, organized recently in Pesaro by Arpa Industriale, Biesse and ...

Edges RAUKANTEX Laser Edge of Rehau

Impeccable aesthetics and functional benefitsRehau, a leading provider of innovative mobile The industry, offers the complete range of RAUKANTEX edge laser edge solutions edging highly functional, ...


Rehau Rauvisio s exclusive program that emphasizes the essential and stylish design of glass and polished qualityRehau Rauvisio s exclusive program that reinterprets the surfaces in a completely ...

Furniture and furniture boards for furniture and furnishings

In this section, news on the news from the best manufacturers of board and furniture boards used in the furniture industry by manufacturers and craftsmen of furniture on panels, shelves and tables for making cabinets, kitchen furniture, bathrooms, Living area furniture and much more.