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interzum 2017: plazas Materials & Nature

interzum, the international fair leader for subcontracts in the furniture sector, in Colony from 16th  to 19th  May, splits as is tradition in three segments: Textile & Machinery, Function & Components and Materials & Nature. This subdivision allows to introduce in a clear and complete way the whole range of the components for furniture and for interior design.
Every segment provides an own Plaza, besides the presentations of exhibitors, for an area devoted to a particular theme that is common ground and source of inspiration for visitors.
This year in the segment Materials & Nature there will be for the first time two plazas, one in stand 6 and one in stand 10.2; specific theme faced this year is “Individuality.“
The desire to personalise households has being for years one of the greatest trends of the furniture sector. The choice of materials for furniture and interiors plays a fundamental role for the search of a degree of personalization and this won't change in the future either: new materials, methods of process and superficial finishes are launched on the market after more and more brief cycles of development. Besides the variety of the materials also the possibilities of combination increase in exponential way. Planners and  interior designers conquer therefore an enormous degree of intervention with which they satisfy the desires of customers.
The segment “Materials & Nature“ with its plazas will propose a complete view of novelties of exhibitors and of the emergent trends of the sector.
The two plazas are been conceived and realized by Katrin de Louw of TRENDFILTER®, her fourth grade collaboration with the review. “We are happy - Matthias Pollmann affirms, Project Manager of interzum - that Katrin de Louw has followed us this year, too.
Katrin de Louw, architect of interiors and famous specialist of the trends of the furniture and materials industry, she is the perfect person for this role.“
Also this year the plazas won't act only as informal meeting point, but they will entertain a rich programme of conferences: specialists of the companies and of the scientific world will face the trends in theme of design and color, but also technical issues, the last laws and marks of quality.
Highlight of every day in fair will be the “Trendespresso“, a brief intervention held by Katrin de Louw on the last trends of design; this format has affirmed as a real catalyst of the public already in the last editions. Also in 2017 both plazas will be endowed with a service of catering. In fair there will be therefore all that it is suitable for a real plaza: culinary specialties, exchange of ideas and surely some good business, too.

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