Zero induction hob with integrated hood by Barazza: functionality and design

Flush integration of the hood into the induction hob for a functional product with a minimalist design

Zero induction hob with integrated hood by Barazza

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Zero is the new latest generation induction hob proposed by Barazza that integrates a high performance extractor hood in the centre. The integrated hood, flush with the hob, directly sucks in steam during cooking, guaranteeing excellent air treatment. Silent and powerful, the hood guarantees great efficiency and reduced consumption; it is also equipped with a removable and dishwasher-safe filter. Easy to use, the Zero induction hob is characterised not only by its dual functionality, but also by its essential and minimalist design.


Zero induction hob: latest generation electronics

The Zero induction hob is equipped with the latest generation of electronics: four cooking zones, each with booster, which can be joined two by two if necessary thanks to the Bridge function. The power limiter makes the hob suitable for use in different contexts.
The Zero hob with its induction zones and extractor hood comes in three different finishes: the central insert is available in black ceramic glass, which creates an effect of continuity with the induction hob, and stainless steel with a satin or vintage finish to ensure a perfect match with the other kitchen elements.


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