New gas hobs FlameSelect of Bosch Elettrodomestici

Updated technology, design and ergonomics

New gas hobs FlameSelect of Bosch Elettrodomestici

FlameSelect system of Bosch Elettrodomestici is an updated patented technology that allows to regulate, with a level of extreme precision, the distribution of the flame through 9 different levels of power. This system of Bosch Elettrodomestici represents a world novelty in the sector of the gas hobs.
In the "traditional" gas hobs, in fact, the control of every burner happens in an approximately way. Thanks to FlameSelect of Bosch, instead, the precision in the distribution of the flame is insured from the new handles endowed with a gradual regulator, easy to handle. Further the intuitive display, located in some models, it  points out the selected formulation and the level of the residual heat with fire off, so that to have everything under control.
All this without overlook design and ergonomics: the new gas hobs FlameSelect of Bosch with their new form, even more thin, they guarantee a clean look on every work plane and they are available in different materials, like white or black moderate glass and steel.
To unite the art of precision of the new FlameSelect gas hobs range to the passion of the lovers of the good kitchen, Bosch Elettrodomestici has launched the new site “Regola l’arte” ( available both in desktop and mobile version), an interactive base to create, to pick up and to share the many methods of preparation of recipes of the Italian tradition according to the points of view of the consumers, using the new gas hobs FlameSelect. An exceptional guest will welcome on the site, the star chef Rosanna Marziale testimonial of Bosch Elettrodomestici.


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